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803Podcast explores everyday life, news, and entertainment that sparks our imagination. Listen and subscribe on Apple and Google Podcast!


About The Show

803Podcast is a exploration of topics from everyday life, news, and entertainment that sparks our imagination. The stories told are from around the world and focus on open discussions about the topic. Get caught up as we share the world outside my window.

About The Host

Tyrone Trapp is born and raised in the south, but the life experiences are as far reaching as most. Growing up I was a fan art and entertainment like a lot of kids, but I didn't want to just be on the outside looking in. I was artistically inclined and took inspiration from everything from movies and television, comics, world history, mythology, music, and current events. 

I discovered podcasts while working a 9 to 5. Each show, each episode, each host that I listened to open up the world in a new and interesting way. My favorites have been story based shows, but the breath of content sparked my imagination. I published my first episode in 2016, but faded over time. Life happens. So I'm back! I burned it all down and I'm starting from scratch. This is my story and I'm gonna tell it the way I want to, straight from the 803!